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The Christmas Gift - Ch.15

Chapter 15

A Lending Paw
~Dec. 7th~

    It’s a strange thing, how events have a way of playing themselves out. Just moments after putting up fliers in search of jobs to raise money, Hamton had made fifteen dollars and was scheduled for two more jobs hanging up Christmas lights. Hamton didn't know whether to call it fate, perfect timing, or just pure luck, but whatever it was, it was another step towards his goal, and that made him happy.
    He crossed the city blocks with a smile on his face, feeling far more hopeful than he had back home. The tall buildings stood around him, their gray, black, and white colors alighted from the start of the afternoon, their windows sparkling from the high-reaching sun. There weren't many cars driving on the s
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The Christmas Gift: Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Yesterday and Today
~Dec. 6th and Dec. 7th~

    Hamton laid sprawled on his hands and knees at the foot of his couch, wheezing painfully from the cold he had just left. But despite the pain, so heavy in his chest and sides, he still had the strength to smile. After so many hours away, it was good to be back in his own house — warm, familiar, comfortable, and clean enough for his own liking.
    Hamton took a deep inhale through his nose and winced at the strong smell of lemons coming from the filthy overalls under his coat. He stood up, wincing from his sore legs, and glanced tiredly up at the living room’s wall clock. His eyes went wide.
    It was 3:30.
    In that moment, the great weight on his lungs disappeared as Hamton's mind shot ba
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The Christmas Gift: Ch. 13

Chapter 13

The Eight Houses
~Dec. 6th~

    Hamton could still smell lemon disinfectant and glass cleaner when he rose from bed on Saturday morning. The overalls he had worn the night before were lying in the laundry basket beside his closet, stained and blotched with chemicals, giving off an odor strong enough to make anyone cough.
    Getting out of bed, stiff and bleary eyed, Hamton carried the damp clothes to the laundry room. Then, after splashing some water onto his face in the bathroom sink, he returned to his bedroom and sat down at his desk, able to focus now that his room didn’t reek of overpowering citrus.
    He pressed a hand to his face and let out a small yawn, his elbows resting on a pile of dollars. Hamton had returned home last night just as the Acme Loo b
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The Christmas Gift: Ch. 12

Chapter 12

The Walk Home
~Dec. 5th~

    "Hamton, how ‘bout you come and sit down for a while?" Buster proposed. He was seated on the school floor with Plucky beside a group of lockers.
    A few feet in front of them, Hamton answered, "I’m fine," rather untruthfully.
    "They might be in there for a while, pal," said Plucky. "Take it from two guys with girlfriends, Hamton: when they want to, girls can talk for —"
    "I’ll wait," Hamton cut across, not taking his eyes off the door in front of him.
    It had been over ten minutes since Babs and Shirley had gone into the girl’s bathroom and Hamton was still standing in the middle of the school hallway, his throat feeling tight
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The Christmas Gift: Ch. 11

Chapter Eleven

Cakes and Cruelty

    After preheating one of the many ovens, Hamton and Fifi both set out to work in different places: Hamton at a nearby counter and Fifi at the stove.
    Hamton, having made several cakes in the past, knew most of the measurements by heart and was quick in portioning the proper amount of flour, sugar, salt, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and cocoa powder for each of the cake's two layers.
    Fifi, meanwhile, gripped the handles of a double-boiler and took charge in melting the cake's primary ingredient on the stovetop. As the bittersweet-chocolate softened, she quickly and easily prepared the wet ingredients, which included the eggs, canola oil, vanilla extract, and buttermilk. With everything set, she returned to melting the chocolate, smiling as she stirred it wi
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The Christmas Gift, Ch.10

Chapter Ten

Cakes and Cruelty

~Dec. 5th~

    Hamton woke on the morning of December Fifth feeling groggy, stubbornly wishing he could've stayed in bed for just a little while longer. Off to one side, sunlight glistened in through the frost-c0vered window. The piercing white rays stung Hamton's eyes, making him flinch and turn over atop his blankets where he now came face with his alarm clock on the nightstand.
    6:55 stared back at him in glaring red numbers.

    Translation: Time for school.

    Breathing a tired moan, Hamton mustered his energy and pushed himself up from his bed, wincing as he did so.
    His muscles were aching and his arms and
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The Christmas Gift: Ch. 9

Chapter Nine

Fliers and Messages

~Dec. 4th~
    Hamton woke early on Thursday morning with his head spinning. His usual peaceful sleep had been littered by a number of bizarre dreams that drifted between strange to outright banana-spewing crazy.
    In the first dream, he was climbing a mountain-sized bottle of Du Coeur perfume and, just when he was about to reach the top of the perfume's cap, it came loose from the bottle. Screaming, still holding on to the cap, Hamton fell off the edge, but for some reason didn't die or even wake up.
    In the second dream, he was walking the streets of Acme Acres and seeing multiple copies of himself doing everything imaginable — everything from fixing cars with his bare hands, to painting houses in the bitter cold, even making a snowman with nothing more than a pair of twee
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The Christmas Gift, Ch.8
Chapter Eight
Jobs and Homework

~Dec. 3rd~
    Cartoon Logic was the first of the afternoon’s two classes that day. The students all had their textbooks and college ruled notebooks ready, and with a few minutes before class started, they spent their time chatting about this and that, a few even practicing Wild Takes for the amusement of their friends.
    Hamton, meanwhile, was sitting quietly at his desk, staring down at a list of job ideas with no satisfaction whatsoever.
Job Ideas for Gift

-Shoveling snow
-(House) cleaning
-Part time jobs?

-Sell possessions

-Donate self to science

-Win the lottery

    In the time he spent in the library, Hamton had only been able to add these last three ideas, and none of them (e
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The Christmas Gift: Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

Confiding and Concealing

~Dec. 3rd~

    The morning of December 3rd arrived with Hamton waking not sore as he had feared but fully rested. Smiling, he stretched out his arms and flexed his toes beneath his blankets. Everything, from his pig ears down to his short, squiggly tail felt renewed, ready for a new day. But this wonderful relief lasted for only a minute before Hamton discovered, by glancing to his alarm, that he was fifteen minutes behind schedule.
    After hurriedly cleaning himself up and downing two bowls of cereal with toast, Hamton rushed out the front door, not forgetting to lock it. He then broke into a jog while zipping up his winter coat, taking a moment to glance at the clean, snow-free driveways he ha
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The Christmas Gift: Ch.6

Chapter Six

Snow and Sweat

~Dec. 2nd~

    Hamton wrote quickly and furiously, tongue stuck out and eyes fixed on his notebook. His pen flew across the page, going so fast it was a miracle the paper didn’t tear.
    A few sentences later, Hamton dotted the last period and blazed through his essay entitled "Outwitting the Advanced Cartoon Dog" for Prof. Leghorn's Hound Teasing class.
    . . .as the more advanced dogs aren't as predictable, it's crucial that you prepare ahead of time to deploy the proper techniques or risk something worse than mere disappointment — i.e. a leg in a cast or having all your feathers pounded off.

    First, observe the dog in question. Study its be
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The Christmas Gift, Ch.5

Chapter Five
Two Ounces, Four Digits

~Dec. 2nd~

    Before heading out for school the next day, Hamton rummaged through a drawer in his desk and pulled out a small, crisp envelope buried beneath a pile of old letters from his parents. It was marked "For My Friends."
    Opening the flap, he pulled out a small stack of money and counted it. It totaled to seventy-five dollars, the same amount he had counted up last October for which he had saved for the winter holidays.
    Certainly seventy-five dollars would be enough to buy his friends' their Christmas gifts. He planned on baking them himself, and even with the upcoming holidays, the ingredients would be around the same price range as usual, which Hamton had a thorough knowledge of after grocery shopping so many times.
    Placing the money back into the "For My Friends" envelope, Hamton hid it back under the
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The Christmas Gift, Ch.4

Chapter Four

A Quiet Evening
~Dec. 1st~

    "Stupid!" Hamton muttered angrily to himself. "Stupid, stupid, STUPID!"
    Every so often, out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a few people staring at him as he trekked down the sidewalk, but Hamton didn't care. No amount of curious looks could've matched the weight or the effect Hamton felt from the way Fifi had reacted. True, she hadn't really said or done anything other than look at him questionably, but that didn't make Hamton feel any better. His face was burning in the cold December air, and it didn't help that Fifi's curious face kept flitting in and out of his mind like a beautiful plumed bird.
    She must think something's wrong with me, Hamton thought with a moan, his palm pressing into his face.
    Perhaps he
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The Christmas Gift, Ch. 3

Chapter 3

Cold Treats and Cold Feet

~Monday - Dec. 1st~

    On Bugs' dismissal, the student body began pouring out of the auditorium. Some zipped out so fast that they left trails of dust in their wake and were out the school's front doors in under five seconds. Others, including Hamton and his friends, took their time as they walked out past the dozen rows of seats. Fifi had told them to go on ahead without her, saying she wanted a quick word with the judges.
    Out in the hallway, Babs could hardly contain her surprise and thrill.
    "Did you all see that?" she burst out excitedly, nudging Buster and Plucky's sides, the latter looking quite irritant.
    "Like, I know!" Shirley exclaimed. "Fifi knocked
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The Christmas Gift, Ch. 2

Chapter 2

The Talent Show

~Monday - Dec. 1st~

    On the outside, Acme Looniversity probably resembles what anyone would expect of a school. But if the tall stone statues of two famous cartoon characters weren't enough, any student who walked through the front doors would paint a vastly different picture of anyone's absurd idea of common education. The truth was that Acme Loo, being a school for Toons, was as far removed from the "common" school curriculum as one could imagine.
    While some schools have chemistry classes, Acme Loo has Exploding Cakes. Most schools discourage dangerous stunts, and wisely so, but when you're a cartoon character and your main purpose (or at least one of them) is to administer laughter and humorous gags, you can't be afraid
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The Christmas Gift: Chapter 1

The Christmas Gift

A Tiny Toon Adventures fanfiction


Mr. Page (aka Scholar57)


Chapter 1

Cold and Warmth

~Monday - Dec. 1st~

    Hamton J. Pig began his morning the same way he had for years: with a simple yet very filling breakfast.
    Sitting alone at his kitchen table, he devoured his third toaster pastry, took the last bite of his extra-large red apple, and downed his second tall glass of orange juice.
    Feeling adequately full, Hamton hurrie
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